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There are many factors that come into play when a consumer is deciding on what businesses to patronize – location, reputation, expense are just a few. Before this process can happen, people need to know where to look to find a wide selection of businesses to deliberate over. On Insider Pages, users can find businesses in thousands of categories all across the United States simply by using our search feature.

To begin looking for a business, go to Insider Pages and on the top of the page in the search bar input the type of business you are looking for (type in a category or keyword, e.g. “pizza”) as well as the city and state or the zip code. You can also click “Browse Categories” below the “Search” button which will direct you to a menu of hundreds of categories within your city.

You will be directed to your search results, with 10 businesses being listed per page. At this point, you can narrow your search by modifying the “Distance” and/or the “Sort by” fields. You can specify businesses ranging from “Within City” to “Within 20 miles”. Additionally, you can sort businesses by the following: “best match” (this is the default selection), “highest rated first”, alphabetical order”, “most reviewed first” and “closest first”.

At any point you can start clicking on businesses in which you wish to learn more about. You can also click on the map to get a better view where these businesses are located.

As you can see, finding businesses to choose from is a breeze on Insider Pages. Once you decide upon one and have the chance to frequent them, be sure to leave a review talking about your experience so the next user who comes across that particular business listing on our site can benefit from your insights.

Now that you have a firm understanding of how to search for businesses on Insider Pages, for next week’s “Tuesday Tip” we’ll discuss how to use “Doctor Finder”.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to share any comments or questions you may have for us pertaining to this week’s “Tuesday Tip”.

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