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In today’s final “Tuesday Tip” for this summer series, we’ll look at how Insider Pages users can resolve support issues they may have when using our site. Insider Pages loves giving the very best support to our user base, and we’re ready and willing to assist you when called upon. There are a few different ways you can look to resolve any issues you may come across when using our site.

1. FAQs

We’ve built a comprehensive FAQ to assist our users. Most issues users may encounter can be answered simply by checking out our FAQ here. You can always find the link to our FAQ page at the bottom footer of every page on Insider Pages. Using our FAQ is the fastest way to resolve most issues you may have as the answers to your questions are just a click away.

2. Submit a Request

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for in our FAQ or you prefer to talk with someone from Insider Pages Support, you’re welcome to contact us by submitting a ticket here. We pride ourselves on our response time and offering instructions and feedback in a clear and concise manner. Typically, we’re able to respond to most emails within 24 hours so if you’re in need of some help, send us an email. You can find the Submit a Request link on our Support home page.

3. Twitter & Facebook

For those who love to use Twitter and Facebook, you can reach Insider Pages through these tools as well. For most issues we’ll end up taking the conversation offline, but you’re certainly encouraged to contact us through Twitter or Facebook if you so desire. If you check out our Twitter you’ll see some examples of users who have contacted us in the past looking for assistance.



In time, we’re looking to add more tools and features to aid our users so please keep an eye out for new things we implement. Additionally, your feedback on how we can better support you is important to us, so please leave any comments or suggestions. Your opinion matters to us!

For this week’s “Tuesday Tip” we’ll discuss the importance reporting an inappropriate review for removal. Unfortunately, some people write reviews that aren’t in the spirit of what Insider Pages represents. Reviews on our site are intended for people to share their experiences – both good and bad – so others can benefit and make more informed decisions when deciding upon a business to use. Insider Pages has tools in place to protect businesses listed on the site from a vast majority of reviews that would be deemed “inappropriate” (e.g. vulgar language, spam, etc.), however, not all reviews that are inappropriate can be caught by our filters. When you come across an inappropriate review that violates our Terms and Conditions we encourage you to report that review for removal. Ridding the site of inappropriate reviews makes for a better user experience, so your assistance in this matter as a member of  the Insider Pages Community is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

To report a review for removal, you must be signed into your Insider Pages user account. This option is free for all users without being a customer! If you are not an Insider Pages member, you may join by clicking here

When reporting a review, look for the “Report Abuse” link under the review.

Click the “Report Abuse” link which will direct you to one last step to report the review.

Our Support team will be notified of the review you have suggested for removal, and if we deem it to violate our Terms and Conditions, we will remove it. If it doesn’t, the review will remain on the site.  An email will be sent out to you usually within 48 hours letting you know of our decision.

If you come across a review that doesn’t have a “Report Abuse” link under it, the comment is likely coming from Citysearch.

In these cases, feel free to Submit a Ticket with the URL to where the review in question appears on our site, as well as the Title and Date of the review so that we can take appropriate action. In addition, as to avoid the review reappearing on our site after we have removed it, we highly recommend that you notify Citysearch of your findings at

We take great pride in the reviews on our site, and with a little assistance from our Community, we will continue to be a resource that people can trust and rely on.

We’ll see you next week for our last “Tuesday Tip” for this summer. Keep an eye out for more useful and fun features coming from Insider Pages in the near future.

Doctor Finder is an invaluable tool on Insider Pages that allows users to search by medical and dental specialization for the highest rated doctors near you. Doctor Finder features include:

  • Read detailed reviews from the doctor’s patients
  • Search doctors by specialty, insurance & distance
  • Sort doctors by gender, experience & qualifications

To get started, go to Insider Pages. On the left side of our homepage you will see where you can begin your initial search using Doctor Finder. You can also scroll to the bottom of our homepage and click “Doctor Finder”.

After you select the City, State and Specialty, you will be directed to a more expansive search menu. At this point, you can use the following factors in optimizing your search:

  • Specialty
  • Insurance
  • Location
  • Proximity (from “within city” to “within 20 miles”)
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Years of Experience

Once you have selected what variables matter to you, click “Search” and see the results in front of your eyes within seconds. You can then sort the results by the following:

  • Highest rated first
  • Alphabetical order
  • Most reviewed
  • Closest first
  • Best Match

It’s that easy! In less than a minute you will have a tailor-made menu of healthcare providers to select from. Doctor Finder also lets you search for Dentists. Just click “Find a Dentist Instead” under the “Specialty” field.

Using Doctor Finder on Insider Pages is a great resource and time saver for you when you need to find a medical professional. It’s simple, quick and can help relieve some of the stress when having to find the right healthcare provider for you.

We encourage you to try Doctor Finder and share with us your thoughts on it. Thanks for reading this week’s “Tuesday Tip”.

There are many factors that come into play when a consumer is deciding on what businesses to patronize – location, reputation, expense are just a few. Before this process can happen, people need to know where to look to find a wide selection of businesses to deliberate over. On Insider Pages, users can find businesses in thousands of categories all across the United States simply by using our search feature.

To begin looking for a business, go to Insider Pages and on the top of the page in the search bar input the type of business you are looking for (type in a category or keyword, e.g. “pizza”) as well as the city and state or the zip code. You can also click “Browse Categories” below the “Search” button which will direct you to a menu of hundreds of categories within your city.

You will be directed to your search results, with 10 businesses being listed per page. At this point, you can narrow your search by modifying the “Distance” and/or the “Sort by” fields. You can specify businesses ranging from “Within City” to “Within 20 miles”. Additionally, you can sort businesses by the following: “best match” (this is the default selection), “highest rated first”, alphabetical order”, “most reviewed first” and “closest first”.

At any point you can start clicking on businesses in which you wish to learn more about. You can also click on the map to get a better view where these businesses are located.

As you can see, finding businesses to choose from is a breeze on Insider Pages. Once you decide upon one and have the chance to frequent them, be sure to leave a review talking about your experience so the next user who comes across that particular business listing on our site can benefit from your insights.

Now that you have a firm understanding of how to search for businesses on Insider Pages, for next week’s “Tuesday Tip” we’ll discuss how to use “Doctor Finder”.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to share any comments or questions you may have for us pertaining to this week’s “Tuesday Tip”.

We have all heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, on Insider Pages, you can tell a story worth 20,000 words because we allow users to add up to 20 pictures for a business listing. Photos can leave a lasting impression on people, so for merchants, there is perhaps no better way to make a good impression on people who come across their business listing on our site then through sharing photos about their respective business.

Business owners who have claimed their page can organize and delete all photos contributed to a business listing. To do this, please log into your account and click on ‘My Businesses’ located in the top right hand corner of Insider Pages. Your ability to add/delete photos is located under the ‘Basic Business Information’ section of this page.

If you have a doctor provider profile, the photos section is located under the ‘About You’ section of this page.

If you are a Citysearch customer, your photos from Citysearch will be added to you Insider Pages business listing and can only be moderated from your Citysearch listing. You can sign into your business account on Citysearch by visiting this link:

Any logged in user can contribute photos to a business listing on Insider Pages, so as a consumer, you’re also encouraged to leave photos about a business. In addition to leaving a review, this is a wonderful and creative way for you to share your experience with other users.

We accept JPG, PNG, and non-animated GIF file types. Each photo must be less than 5MB in size and 3072 x 3072 in resolution. If your photo is too large, you can resize it using photo editing software. Please note, photos with a 16:9 ratio will display most clearly on the page.

All photos are moderated by our support team. Photos deemed “inappropriate” or those that violate our Terms and Conditions will be not be allowed on our site.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to share any comments or questions you may have for us pertaining to this week’s “Tuesday Tip”.

Insider Pages is excited to offer a new six-part feature this summer to its audience. Every Tuesday through the end of August we will present a “Tuesday Tip” offering valuable tips for our users.

For our inaugural “Tuesday Tip”, we will discuss the importance of merchants responding to reviews – both positive and negative ones. The ability for merchants to have a voice on our site and respond to reviews is a powerful tool, and one that should be used with finesse. Responding to a negative review in a hostile tone or to argue your side will generally be counterproductive and send a bad message not only to the author of the review, but to anyone who comes across your business on Insider Pages. A few sincere and constructive words from you can go a long way in cementing a long and advantageous relationship with an already satisfied customer, or win over a consumer who may have had a less than favorable experience using your business. Additionally, a thoughtful response can leave a good impression on users who find your business on our site, and perhaps sway people to use your services. Taking a few minutes to respond to a review can go a long, long way in showing both current clients as well as potential new clients that you appreciate their patronage and care about what they have to say. Exhibiting a personal touch can do wonders in building and shaping your online reputation, so the next time your business is reviewed on Insider Pages, be sure to post a response to let your customers know you’re listening.

To learn how to respond to a review, please go here to How To Respond To A Review

Your feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to share any comments or questions you may have for us pertaining to this week’s “Tuesday Tip”.


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